Know more about trans women

I’m a trans women, but most people I date don’t treat me like a woman. They may like me, but they don’t respect me at all. We respect everybody and we want to be respected as well. Here are a few things men should know.
See me as a normal women

I’m a normal woman
Many men see me as a fetish or a novelty. I had a date with a man several days ago, he said,” I don’t know trans women very well, and I’ve never date with a trans woman“, ” I’m always wondering how can you live like a normal woman” he added. ” I have a vagina” I said angrily.

We have different bodies and personalities
I told the man I date, trans women are different from each other, don’t treat them as a the same type, as I never thoughtall men I date have the same personality. Never judge someone according to your stereotype.
In most people’s eyes, every trans women is the same. What they need to know is that the meaning of trans is different to different people.

Don’t ask too much
I’ve date a man who treat me like a google search. He asked too many questions about transgender like “why you want to do this?” I’m a woman, not a information finder. If you want to know something about transgender please search on google.

Ask some normal questions
I’m a normal woman, so you need to ask me some normal dating questions, like “what’s your favorite food?”, ” what’s your hobby?”

Sexuality and gender are different from each other
A man I date before said,” I date you because I’m questioning my sexuality nowadays”. I had no choice but stop his words. “sexuality and gender are different from each other”, I said.
Dating a trans woman dosen’t mean you have a different sexuality. You date with me because I’m a woman, you are a straight man.

No doubt about my sexuality
What I want to say is that, I’m not a lesbian. A friend said to me, ” I want to introduce a man to you, he is gay”, it wsa really surprised me, ” I don’t like gay, please respect my sexuality,” I said.

Dating a trans women doesn’t mean change your sexuality
Many people have misunderstandings on men who date trans women. You should remember, trans women are normal women, and dating a trans women doesn’t mean change your sexuality.

Don’t treat me as a secret
Many people don’t want to admit they are dating with trans women, because of social opinion. As trans women, we proud of ourselves, and we like the way we live. We don’t want to suffer from discrimination and inequality.

It’s no use to say “you don’t look like trans”
Many people try to compliment me by saying ” are you a trans woman? you look the same as normal women.” I don’t like these kinds of words. I’m wh I am, I need to be respected by others.

Enjoy my beauty
I behold my own beauty, therefore it remains. We’ve experienced a lot, and I hope you can also enjoy our beauty.

Be afraid of being rejected
We desperately desire to be loved and accepted, and we fear rejection. In fact many women look very strong, the heart is weak and need to care for the men.

Don’t define me as trans
I used to say “I’m a trans woman” before date a man, because I want to know weather they would mind date a trans woman. As time goes by, It’s not important, and nobody can be defined as trans.