Reason for trans people using their chosen names

Due to personal preference of the different level, people can choose their name, gender as they like. What we should do is to respect their choices. It’s especially important to respect and acknowledge other people’s identities if you want to be friends or have a long-trem relationship with them.

Recent studies show that allowing trans men and women to use their chosen names is as important as being respected. It’s not just a matter of name, but strongly associated with their mental health. Journal for Adolescent Health also published articles about the relationship between chosen name and depression, suicide. We should pay attention to the importance of people’s chosen name, especially trans people.

The subject participants were aged from 15 to 21, they were asked if they were allowed to use their chosen name in daily life. According to Pink News report, due to being allowed to use their chosen name, the number of suicide decreased by 65%, and the number of severe depression decreased by 71%. It’s hard to measure the importance of trans people’s chosen name.

Researches of The University of Texas came to the same conclusion, the rate of suicide for young trans people who were allowed to use their chosen name is 30% less than other transgender people. Researchers at The University of Texas also found that people with lower depression and suicidal behavior and thoughts are able to using their chosen name at home, school, work, or with their friends.

Reseacher Stephen T. Russell told the reporter of UT News,”many young transgenders choose a name that is different from their birth name, the more they use their chosen name in daily life, the stronger and healthier they are.” Young trans people choose a completely different name, because they want to change their life, and the first step for them is have a new name. Whether you understand them or not, what we should do is to accept them and respect them.

The head of Trans Inclusion at Stonewall, Bex Stinson said:” trans people’s chosen names are as important as everyone’s names, it’s a common sense to use their correct name. Addressing trans men and women with their chose name, it’s not only the respect for their name but for all trans people. We cooperate with many organisations to built a special environment for all LGBT people, they are accepted by all people here and live as they like. It’s also a good place for everyone to reach their potential.

That make sense, we have no trouble in using someone’s chosen name, and it has a positive impact. Everyone need to be respected as well as their chosen name. For most trans people, they choose a chosen name only because they want to change themselves. Life is hard for them, why don’t you try to accept their chosen name? Respect other people’s choices, life, and the way they live. They are being who they want to be, and we can’t deny that they are brave. So, accept their chosen name from now on.