How to be a good lover to your trans dating partner?

What's the difference between trans dating and cisgender dating? I think they are almost the same, and the only difference is that there are something you should not ask and talk about when date a trans person. To be a good lover of your trans dating partner, you should know about trans people very clear firstly. Once you really know them, then you will know how to get along with them. If you don't have any transgender dating experience, you can search online, or ask other experienced people for advice. In a word, you should try your best to know more about trans people before dating them. If you are looking for a serious relationship with trans people, this step is especially important. You may ready enough to date trans person, but you also need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Love and respect are always needed
Love and respect are very important in all relationships. Some trans people are more sensitive than ordinary people, so respect plays an important role in trans dating. Trans people are often living with great pressure, some people cannot accept them and respect them. They need to be respected, then they can keep connecting with you. If you want to be trusted by a trans person, you need to show your love and respect firstly. Never ask them for hookup or short-term relationship if they are looking for serious relationships. You'd better read their profiles carefully before ask them out for date, people on ts dating sites often write their dating intentions in their profiles.
2. Never ask any questions about transition
Everyone has its own private secrets, transition is the private secret of trans people. When you meet a trans person for the first time, don't ask any questions about transition. Trans people don't want to talking about transition with someone they are not familiar with. If it shows that you are the one they want, you are the one they can trust, they may willing to share their stories with you, but it often takes a long time. If you ask questions about transition on the first dating, your trans dating partner doubt your dating intentions, you are dating trans people because you are curious about trans people, or you are not serious about trans dating.
3. Treat your trans dating partner as an ordinary person
People who don't know trans people may think that trans people are different from ordinary people. If you are going to date a trans person, please change your opinion firstly. When dating a trans person, treat your dating partner as ordinary people. They've experienced something different with ordinary people, but it never mean they are special or abnormal. Trans dating is also nothing different from ordinary dating. The same as many ordinary people, trans people are also looking for a serious relationship, a life partner. If you can not treat trans people as ordinary people, I don't think you are ready enough to date a trans person.