Mandatory things you should know about cougar dating

Dating a cougar woman is quite excited for most young guys. But due to lack of knowledge about how to impress a cougar woman, there are many things that you should know about mature dating. In our previous post, we already discussed few but important things about cougar dating. There are many more tips that you must know if you too are interested in dating a cougar woman.

If you haven’t date a cougar woman before and dating a cougar woman is one of your biggest sexual fantasies that you really want fulfill. Here are few but essential tips and trick that you must know if you are looking to date an older woman. Here are few tips to impress your cougar woman on your first date. Follow these essential tips for a successful l cougar dating relationship on hookup apps.

Never ask about her past relationship - We already discussed in our previous post that cougar woman don’t like to be talk about their age. Just like this, it is quite an important thing that you should not ask from your cougar dating partner. Never ask about her past dating relationship from your cougar partner for one night hookup. Cougar women are mostly 35+ of age and experienced many good and bad relationship in her life till now. And she literally doesn’t want to discuss any of her past experience from any one. Not even to whom she is dating currently. It is strictly her personal choice and you don’t need to ask or force her about sharing her past dating experience. If she wants to share with you then it’s quite okay but you are not allowed to ask any of these questions especially when you are newbie and looking to impress her right on your first date.

Never use the word ‘C’ – when you are dating a cougar woman, it is quite mandatory for you not to use the word ‘C’. Cougar women are well aware of this and never want to be recognized by this word in a relationship. However, not every cougar woman thinks the same but most cougar women are not comfortable to be called or recognized by the word ‘C’ in a relationship or from anyone. But you never know what your cougar woman thinks about this. So, it’s quite better not to use this word when you are dating a cougar woman and looking for a long term cougar dating relationship with her.

Don’t ever compare your cougar woman to your mom – comparison won’t be good in any relationship and you must know that. Especially when you are dating a cougar woman and find that there are few similarities between your cougar dating partner and your mom? That might happen because both your mom and your cougar dating partner sharing almost the same age group. But still you should never bring your mom in any of your conversation that you are having with your dating partner.