Transition is not a bad experience


I'm a transgender woman always share my ts dating experience and opinions on transition with other people online. I've post something sad and depressed before, Now I don't think it is wise to do like that. What I did in the past reminds me a documentary in the mid-90s. It is a British documentary based on the stories of two or three transgender dating women. As a transgender woman who has the same experience with them, it seemed attractive to me. I was addicted to the film for a long time, but after that, I started to think about my own life and the situation. To be frank, I used to afraid of being identify as trans, because transgender people are not welcomed my most people. I want to live as an ordinary woman without prejudice from other people. Now, I know that I'm totally released from the fear of being identify as trans.

This documentary impressed me so much. The tone of the film is mournful, and it made me feel sad about their life experience. It was about the different life of two transgender women. They were struggle to pay for their transition surgery. One transgender woman was a dance who worked day and night to raise money to pay for her transition surgery. Another transgender woman was older than the first one, she worked for more than 20 years only because she wanted to make enough money to pay for her transition surgery. Transition was a sad experience for them. I started to think about the life and transition of transgender women in real life for tranny date. The film might amplified the pain and difficulty of transition, while, it is always hard in real life. As a transgender woman with transition surgery, I think I'm qualified enough to present my opinions here. I have a poorly paid job, so I cannot afford the cost of my transition surgery without the help of my families and friends. I'm so lucky that my friends and families all support my decision. However, for other transgender people who cannot be supported by their friends and families, how can they pay for the transition surgery? This is the biggest barrier for transgender people on the way to transition.

Transition is a sad experience, I cannot agree with this idea although transition is a hard process for me. It is a stupid idea in which all transgender women are seen as freaks. All painful life you endured is the new start of your new life. It is my own choice to undergo transition surgery, and I will never regret about my decision. because only in this way, can I live a life that I'm looking for. In my opinion, transgender is not a sad community, transition is no longer a sad experience for transgender people. There are a lot of organizations and medias focus on homeless, vulnerable and poor transgender people, things will be better and better in the future. As the development of science, transition surgery will be easier than ever b