Answer 3 Questions Before Starting a Relationship

Like most of people, my past dating is full of heartaches. Everyone around me can easily meet a life partner, but for me, all my dating partners never want to stay a long term relationship with me. It seems hard for me to figure out what was going on for my past relationships. After several times of dating failure, my heart was broken, and I often ask myself, is it true that all transgender women cannot find a long term relationship? As a transgender woman, finding someone that worthwhile matters to me. Looking back to my trans dating experience, I'm clear about mistakes that I made. A smart woman often learns a lot from her mistakes and experiences, and I think I'm a smart woman now. Every time when I start a new relationship, I would ask myself the following 3 questions. I suggest every transgender woman ask yourself these 3 questions before starting a relationship with someone.

Why are you dating?
Most of women are looking for security when transgender dating a man. This is the reason why some transgender women jump from one relationship to another frequently. I admit that I was one of them. I don't want to be alone, because transgender women are always lonely in life. You may never know how lonely to have a conversation with yourself. We are looking for long term relationship because we don't want to live alone any more. Relationship shouldn't be a temporary way to solve a problem, it should be a long term companionship. If you are always lack of love, you may feel insecure in life. In fact, most of transgender women know that the feeling of security is not from other people but ourselves.
Am I able to be myself in a relationship?
The common mistake that many people made in a relationship is they try to change their partners. For example, you bought a pair of shoes which are unsuitable for you, you can make it work on you, but you would be uncomfortable. How to solve this problem? Just find someone who needs the same with you. First, you should make sure what kind of relationship do you want, or you can make a list of what do you want from a relationship. This is a beat way to qualify the types of people you are going to tranny date.
Can I make the future life better?
When you focus on how to make a better life for your partner, you'll feel happy. It is a positive relationship if you want to make a better life for each other. The reason why some people cannot get what they want is that they don't know what they want, or they don't focus on what they want. You don't need to fix a bad relationship, instead try your best to be a great partner and make a better life for your partner. Everyone is good at something, you might be good at maintaining a great relationship. Start a new relationship with you one you like.