Trans dating tips: how to know if you are dating the wrong person?

1. Judge on your appearance

For all transgender women, it is a sensitive topic to talk about their appearances. This is a common sense of trans dating. If he is interested in trans dating and wants to have a serious relationship with a trans woman, it is a compulsory course to understand trans women and trans dating deeply.
You are ready to have a date with him, everything is romantic in your mind. You've done your best to dress the way he likes, everyone loves your new look, except your boyfriend.
"You'd better lose weight". "The dress doesn't suit you, change another one". "I don't like your hairstyle". "Can we date another day?" If your boyfriend always judge your appearance like that, it is a sign that you are dating the wrong person.
2. He is always right and you are always wrong
Have you ever met someone who is always over confident? Have you ever been in a love relationship, which is full of argument? In such a relationship, all your thoughts and opinions might be negated, you are in passive state. In a relationship, everything should be decided by two sides, no one is the boss of a relationship, no one should be controlled by the other. Sometimes, it is not a problem of argument, but respect. When it comes to respect, that is the base of all relationships.
"Why do you think that?" "I'm not agree with you." "Just do as what I said." If he speaks this way, it is a sign that you are dating the wrong person.
3. Hide his trans dating intentions
Why more and more guys like to date transgender women? One of the reasons is that they want to experience the excitement of trans dating. For them, trans date is a way to relax themselves, trans woman is a tool to meet their needs. However, most of transgender women are long for a serious relationship. Before dating with someone, it is necessary to know about his dating intention, you can ask him directly. If you cannot get a certain answer from your partner, it is a sign that you are dating the wrong person. If you are a transgender woman who is looking for serious relationship, it is especially important for you to know about his dating intention.
4. Ask you to change yourself
This is not only a sign that he is the wrong person, it is also a sign that you are in a futile relationship. You are a transgender woman, but it doesn't mean you need to change yourself to meet the needs of other people. Some people prefer to date someone who is opposite to themselves, but there are only few people. If your lifestyle is completely different from your partner, and you cannot accept the lifestyle of each other, it is impossible to have a long term relationship. It couldn't better if you are willing to change your lifestyle to be healthier, but never force yourself to do something you don't want.