Photo tips of online trans dating

Online dating is a common way for most of transgender singles, but most of them don't know the importance of profile photos. They just randomly choose a photo from their gallery.

When it comes to online dating, photo is your first impression to other people. It determines whether someone will view your profile, and know more about your information. Once you had a wrong profile photo, you are less likely to meet the right one on trans dating sites. Trans dating is not easy for everyone, especially transgender people. In order to help all transgender people meet their perfect life partners, there are some photo tips of online trans dating.
1. The photo should be yours
The basic thing is to make sure the photo is yours, not the one with your friends or the photo of other people like singers and movie stars. Other people may be confused about who you are, if the photo is not yours. Your eyes should show your intention, and desire of meeting a perfect life partner on trans dating sites. Formal photos and causal photos are both ok, but remember not choose a sexy photo. People with sexy photos on trans dating sites are regarded as someone looking for sex, not for a long-rem relationship.
For men, it's better for them to choose photos with pure background, I don't know why, but many transgender women like that kinds of photos. For transgender women on transgender dating sites, they can choose the color they like based on what do you want to send to men. If you want to show your passion, red color is great. If you want to look creative, violet is great. If you want to look pure and relax, choose yellow. If you like something natural, choose green. There are still many different colors for you to choose from, the color is depend on what you want to talk about.
2. Don't use too many accessories
Many transgender women like to wear accessories like hats, sunglasses, and etc. I want to mention that don't use too many accessories in your profile photos. Other people may move their attention to your accessories if you do that. If you wear sunglasses, people cannot see your full face, so make sure your face is clear in your photos. Many transgender women wear many accessories to look more feminine, but you should know that it makes you look unnatural. Just dress and make up in an easy way.
3. Don't use a photo of many years ago
Being honest in trans dating. It means no matter your photo and information should be true. Don't use a photo of many years ago, or in order to attract other people, using a photo of a beautiful women. Honesty is the basic step to attract other people in trans dating, so choose a photo of yourself. In order to have a safe and successful dating, you need to make sure that the photo of your partner is real as well.