Tips for trans men to date cis gender women

I realized that I'm a man at a very young age, and I decided to transition when I was 20. As a trans man, I don't think I can meet and date a cisgender woman until everything changes recently. I use to think that no matter how masculine and handsome you look like, no one wants to date a transgender man. Especially when it comes to sex, trans men are at greater disadvantages. Most of women care about everything about men, such as appearance, inner heart, and physical body parts.
As a trans men, I can say that dating a trans man is a new experience. You can experience something new and special in trans dating. Most trans people are honest and modesty when date a cisgender person, because they know that many cisgender people cannot accept them and trans dating, they vulnerable in trans dating, and they want to be trust by their dating partners by this way.

I'm a trans man, I just want to share my personal experience with transgender people. I hope my advice is helpful to them.

For me, trans dating app in a great place to meet someone and have a date. I'm in a love relationship with my girl friend for 1 year now, we met each other on a transgender dating app, Transdr. I like this trans dating app because it only allows me to chat with someone who has a match with me, and there are seldom fake users. I knew this trans dating app from an online website. I downloaded this app from apple app store, created an account and start to search my matches. I chose very selections of my profile very careful, and the head image is very important for me. If you want to date transgender people online, I suggest you to choose a photo in which you look charming and real. Most importantly, you need to show your full face clearly in the head image, otherwise, you can not be matched with other people.

Some transgender people never tell their partner that they are trans. However, I don't advise you to do that. Tell your partner that you are a trans at the right point. I told my girl friend that I'm a trans man before we meet each other in real life. Some trans people tell their partners that they are trans when they first chat online. I think you'd better tell them the truth after you know them a little bit clearly. You need to make sure can they accept transgender people and trans dating, although, users of trans dating app are mostly trans people and trans dating finders, there are still some people don't like trans dating. If you meet someone who just want to meet cisgender men on trans dating app, don't waste your time to communicate with her, maybe you can make friends with her, but it's impossible to build a love relationship with her. Choose someone who can really accept trans people and trans dating to have a deep understanding.